I graduated from UC Davis in 1989 with a degree in Physics and a minor in History.  After a year not doing much, I went back to Davis for an M.A. in medieval history.  My advisor was William Bowsky.  It was fun, I learned a lot, but it is not very practical except for skills in reading and writing, as I did not want to continue to a doctorate.  I entered the world of enterprise computer networks.  I was briefly a Novell Certified Network Educator and taught their coursework, back before Microsoft took over the world.  I gradually moved to wide area networking, ATM networks, email systems (i.e. sendmail), and network security (firewalls and vpns).

As the 90s drew to a close, it seemed everyone was starting to do that stuff, so I moved on.  I entered a Ph.D. program at UC Santa Cruz with professor J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves and finished in 2004.  My dissertation is 237 pages of boring, but it did the job because the next year, I started work on the research staff at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).  I have about 70 issued US patents and about 30 published articles and conference papers.

There is another Marc Mosko.  He’s my cousin.

The original tear.com website dates from the late ’90s.  It’s pretty old-school, being entirely hand-coded in HTML back in the early days.  Rather than try and modernize it, I’ve created this new site and will simply link back to the old one.