Hawke Endurance ED 8×32 Review

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I’m on a search for an 8×32 binocular, so I am reviewing the candidates in the field. My main comparisons are the Leica Ultravid BR 8×20 or Swarovski 8.5×42 FPro (yes, those are way more expensive than this pair).

Leica Ultravid 8×20 BR, Hawke Endurance ED 8×32, Swarovski 8.5×32 EL FPro

I found the Hawke Endurance ED 8×32 unusably poor. I often get blackouts and need to tune the IPD or move the bins further out from my eyes. Maybe the ER is not long enough for me? When looking even slightly towards an evening sun, I see lots of ghosts and glare. I didn’t notice CA, but I’m not sure how sensitive I am for it. I also find I need to twiddle the focus a lot to keep a decent sharpness. I had lots of trouble keeping a critically sharp focus on stationary objects.

I had a hard time gauging side-to-side sharpness as whenever I tried looking towards the edge I would usually get blackout in one eye or the other. I think the side-to-side sharpness is decent, but it is difficult to say.

Build-wise, I find the ER feels a bit loose, though it seems to stay in place. The diopter adjustment is pretty stiff and makes adjustment hard without shaking the point of focus all over. 

  • Weight: 517g (w/ objective covers), 542g (w/ objective + ocular covers)
  • Eye cup distance: 12.4mm
  • Verdict: Unusable by me, so not worth even the low price.

With the eye cup fully extended, the distance from the top of the eye cup to the ocular glass.